Getting To Know The Team: Lauren

We want to share a bit more about each of the planners within our company so our clients can get a better sense of each of our personalities. Now we'd love to share more about Lead Planner Lauren. Find out a bit more about her below!

Photo: Conforti Photography


●      Tell us a little about you.

I’m an elementary school teacher turned event planner + Pure Barre studio manager. I have always loved planning events and first got my start with events through student organizations and nonprofits in college. I loved everything about planning my own wedding - from meeting with vendors, to creating design boards and every little detail in between. I knew I wanted to put this passion to work. After getting married in 2013, my husband and I lived in Denver, CO for about 4 years. This is where I got my start in wedding coordination in 2014. I loved working with couples to turn their dream wedding into reality; the beautiful scenery, rustic outdoors, and dreamy Colorado venues didn’t hurt either. I moved back to Indianapolis about a year ago and quickly searched for a wedding + event company to work with here. I’m excited to be part of the Plum and Poppy team and coordinate weddings back in my home state of Indiana.


●      What’s your go to Starbucks order?

            Cold brew with vanilla + milk


●      What’s your favorite part about being a wedding planner?

            When I planned my own wedding, I knew that I wanted to have a wedding coordinator there for the day-of so that I could just relax and enjoy my wedding day. That was the best decision I made because I truly didn’t have to worry about a thing that day! My favorite part about being a wedding planner is giving this gift to other couples so they can enjoy their big day. I love putting all of the pieces and details together so it turns out just the way the couple had envisioned their wedding day. Don’t stress - I’ve got it covered!


●      What’s your favorite place to travel?

            Kiawah Island, South Carolina. It’s a hidden paradise along the coast of Charleston and has been my favorite vacation getaway for as long as I can remember.


●      What’s your favorite part of a wedding day?

            My favorite part of wedding day is later in the evening when I have time to have a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. It’s often the first time that I’ve sat down and taken a moment to look around and take everything in. I look and see the bride and groom dancing, smiling, and having a good time. There is a buzz in the air of love and happiness. I know that the day has been a success and I’ve done everything I can to make the couple happy. Everything moves fast that day, so I try to take a moment and appreciate all of the little details that have fallen into place to make the day perfect for the couple.


●      What’s your favorite place to have dinner out in Indianapolis?

            This is a hard question, but one of my favorite places is Cooper’s Hawk. Great food and great wine - what more could you ask for?


●      What’s your best advice to couples on their wedding day?

            Enjoy every moment. The day will go faster than you could imagine, so my best advice is to just enjoy the day and soak it all in.


●      What’s your favorite memory from your own wedding?

            On a day that I had planned every detail for, my husband somehow pulled off a surprise for me. At the beginning of the reception, he called my name over the speakers, I looked up and saw him at the front of the room with his guitar. He surprised me by singing and playing “Marry Me” by Train.