What is wedding coordination?

Wedding coordination allows you to plan all of the major events of the day and then we take over executing those for you 1-3 months before your wedding. This includes us creating a timeline, working with all your vendors to ensure timely arrival, setting up any items at your ceremony or reception, executing all of the major events of your day, and getting all your keepsakes packed up. We will be sure that none of your friends or family will not be worrying or working! 

What is full service wedding planning and design?

Full service wedding planning and design allows us to help you through the entire process of your wedding planning & design. We will provide all of the services included in day of coordination as well as budgeting, help with researching and selection of vendors, contract negotiation and review, cohesive event design and attendance to vendor meetings all the way through final consultations (ceremony venue, reception venue, bakery, florist, bridesmaids dresses, bridal gown, ceremony music, reception entertainment, hair and makeup artist, rental items, decor items, transportation, photography, videography, caterer, officiate, linens, hotels, transportation, and honeymoon planning). We don't make decisions for you but we help you to make decisions and keep you on track in planning.

What makes Plum & Poppy different?

Plum & Poppy offers both full service and wedding coordination which allows us to use our comprehensive knowledge of putting together an entire wedding from start to finish whether you're booking us for full service wedding planning or wedding coordination. This allows us to have a greater impact on your wedding day. We also have nearly 15 years of experience combined between our lead planners. This truly makes us experts at weddings and we can use our vast experience to make sure your day runs smoothly.

How do we know Plum & Poppy is a good fit for us?

If you want to relax and enjoy our wedding day with family & friends without you or them worrying or working, then we are a great fit for you! We have a timeless, elegant style but we love helping clients plan unique events that are tailored to their individual personalities. We are detailed oriented, post it note loving planners. We are incredibly responsive to email and make it easy to plan things with us.

How much communication is included in wedding coordination?

We are always available for unlimited phone calls or emails leading up to your wedding! We usually meet around our client's schedule 1-3 months before their wedding to get deeply involved in the details at that time. That is when we will begin creating your timeline and coordinating with your vendors.

How much communication is included in full service wedding planning and design?

Full service clients have unlimited access to us for in person meetings in Indianapolis as well as phone call and emails! For our out of state clients we use FaceTime regularly as well. We begin working as soon as we are contracted to plan your wedding.

Is there a middle ground between full service planning and design & wedding coordination?

Absolutely! We can create custom packages for clients to find the perfect mix of services they're looking for. Allow us to help you with the parts you would like and plan the rest on your own. This can help to make more full service planning fit into any budget.

How do you determine the price of a package that works for us?

Our two base packages have standard rates that allow us to offer fantastic service! We can create custom packages based on the time and number of services desired to help you plan your wedding day. There is not a smaller packages or less services offered than wedding coordination.

Is a wedding coordinator or planner needed if the venue offers someone?

Absolutely! Venue coordinators do just that. They coordinate all things related to the venue but that is usually where their responsibilities end. YOU are our priority and we help to ensure that YOUR wedding day is planned and executed as you'd like it to be. We will ensure all the details are executed as you'd like not just the venue side but every last detail! We can also help you to design a style that may be uncommon in the space you've chosen. 

What if we have a friend or family member who has offered to help?

It's always so sweet when friends and family offer to help! However our clients usually agree with us in wanting their friends and family to relax and enjoy the day as a guest. Having a coordinator allows your friends and family to be apart of your day without working or worrying! This is also all we do! We eat, sleep, and breathe weddings. This allows us to share our expertise to help you the most with your wedding day! We are more familiar with situations that may arise and we can help you navigate those easily.

How many clients do you have each day?

Each of our lead wedding coordinators only has one wedding each day. This allows them to completely focus on you! They are supported by a fabulous team of assistants each day as well.

Do you have free initial consultations?

Yes! We always do free initial consultations to see if we can find a good fit of our services to help you appropriately with your wedding. We'd love to chat over the phone or grab a cup of coffee.

Your initial packages include up to 8 hours of service on wedding day. Can we purchase additional hours of service?

Yes! While 8 hours of services is sufficient for most clients you can absolutely purchase additional hours of service to tailor your experience for your day.

Do you take clients who live out of state?

Yes! About half of our clients each year live out of the city or state. This is not a problem at all! We take full advantage of technology to help us plan things just like you were here! We also have flexible schedules so we can do our best to be free when you are in town to get things planned as well.

Does Plum & Poppy travel?

Yes! We LOVE to travel! We have helped clients plan weddings from California to Michigan and in many cities in Indiana outside of the greater Indianapolis area. We love to learn about new cities and find the perfect place and vendors for clients! 

How does Plum & Poppy give back?

We take donating our time and resources very seriously! We sit on the board of Wish Upon a Wedding, a charity that donates weddings to terminally ill couples. We sit on a committee that helps plans the United Way Gala that helps raise money for early childhood education in Indiana! We also help plan the Christel House's annual concert that raises money to help support children in the most impoverished areas all over the world attend high quality schools! We also donate regularly to Wheeler Mission which is an Indianapolis based homeless shelter as well. We have a big heart for children and families all over the world! 

Have you planned other cultural weddings before?

We love weddings from different cultures! We’ve planned weddings for many different cultures including: Russian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Jewish, Greek , Phillipino, and many more.

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